Enhance Your Brand

Our work appears across all media platforms and at live events. Major clients include Google, BBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Discovery and Greenpeace.



We have it. We’ve created aerial Logos, Mascots, Celebrities, Boxed / Canned Products and Billboards.


The Process:


We work with each client to develop Identifiable Flying Objects (IFOs) tailored to the client's desired appearance and performance concept. We render a preliminary design and in some cases build a prototype for client evaluation and discussion. Once the concept is client approved, we provide a written proposal, detailing pricing and schedule.




Depending on complexity and materials, prices range from $1,000 USD to over $15,000 USD for the computer cut 3D IFOs.




Flyguy IFOs are light weight, slow moving and feature safe internal power systems with no exposed moving parts. "Electric powered kites" is the phrase frequently used to describe our IFOs.